'Y o u r   t r u e   c r e a t i v e   p o t e n t i a l' 

The North Star is not only our guiding light in the night's sky but also our true soul alignment of our authentic expressionIt is the limitless potential within and yet a light so often dimmed by the false perceptions of the thinking mind.

                                                                       ^ ^ ^

So! How can I endeavour to open up your true north where perhaps it feels stifled and creatively blocked by self-limitation? What's actually holding you back from truly blossoming? I'd love to help and I'm here to find out!

As well as artistically creating most of my life and opening The EditionI work intuitively with the art of tarot to empower and guide others to trust and connect with their inner compass that always knows its true trajectory and to open up to that absolute; your innate truth.

Tarot is the journey of the self.

Reading Details:

- A short initial conversation to clarify issue

- An individually curated tarot/oracle reading 

- Follow up guidance

All by email or direct message if preferred


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Any questions do ask via the contact page before purchasing.

Thank you and I will be in touch!