I Spy is for anyone looking for current original art and yet can't find what they are looking for! Whether paintings, prints or a piece of pottery I am absolutely committed to finding what you'd like for your home, workplace or for a present!

The fees are for finding the work of art (any artist in the universe) and/or create the connection for a commission with the artist involved (The Edition artists only for this).

                                                            ^ ^ ^

Fee for finding current original work - £35 (one piece)  £55 (two or more)

Fee for commission contact with artist - £15 (The Edition artists only - liaising and negotiating as necessary)

                                                            ^ ^ ^

To pay please go to the chosen I SPY box at the bottom of page II of The Edition

Any questions please contact me through the contact page - Thank you!

The Edition artists who are available for commissioned work -

Emily Maude

Debbie George

Ellie Wintour

Jacqui Mair

Bobbye Fermie

Laura Gee

Unity Coombes

Sarah Raphael Balme

Jessamy Hawke

Arabella Shand

Christopher Corr