Jonathan Ashworth 

Having grown up in Yorkshire, Ashworth went on to study Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art before embarking on the development of his skill in wood carving and print at the Royal College of Art, London. His work is exceptional in marking and observation with a wonderful blend of precision and movement creating imagery that encompasses both a warm, whimsical feel as well as the centred and more serious. In conjunction with his own personal creativity, Ashworth has workshops at London Print Studio. The Edition Interview with Jonathan. Jonathan's Website

Nick Bontorno

Nick Bontorno lives and works in Utah, USA having specifically studied printmaking and painting but his love for art began as a child. "Art making was something I enjoyed as a child and I simply never stopped. I loved to draw as a kid and would draw on anything. My mom kept boxes of drawings in the attic each labeled by year - I need to revisit those one day." Bontorno has the wonderful ability to capture an ethereal tone in his brushwork. Even in the opacity of black he delicately embraces the form of myth and folklore. "My work is constantly influenced by other artists, poets and musicians particularly that of Mozart, Modigliani and Yeats and more recently the Deco artists in Denmark, 80's American biker art, and Pompeii frescoes. My mythology interest is recent and is from a desire to understand the spiritual - scripture, poetry, Shakespeare, world religions and mythologies provide me with unapologetic stories of how people saw themselves, their Gods and their short, fragile and violent lives. The worst mythology of all, yet seemingly popular, is modern polemic politics." The Edition is delighted to be representing some of Bontorno's beautiful original paintings and if you'd like to see further works do follow his Instagram @nbontorno and website here! Nick's Website

Unity Coombes

Unity grew up in a creative household in Cornwall, with both parents being artists the home was filled with art, eclectic objects and books - "As a child, I told my friends that I was going to be an artist but it took me until I got to art school to realise that was what I wanted to do." - Unity studied Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art where printmaking was a huge influence on her artistic development and mark making - "It appealed to my love of pattern and process and I threw myself into learning many techniques. I truly learnt to draw through printmaking... while my painting has developed over the last few years, I've finally got my own studio. It's a little space at the end of the garden where I can really just focus on painting and escape the world. I've been playing with various mediums but like gouache and oils best at the moment. I like a flat, but textural paint and both of these suit my style and palette." - The inspiration for Unity's work comes from sketching objects in museums, to flea market finds, and the works of Elizabeth Blackadder, John Piper, Winifred Nicholson, and Mary Fedden. The Edition is thrilled to have come across the decorative beauty of Unity's work, the use of colour and pattern are skilfully balanced to create wonderful pieces to treasure and collect. Unity's website

Christopher Corr

This prolific illustrator lives and works in London. Originally hailing from Camden Town, Christopher Corr went on to train as a graphic designer in Manchester before gaining a Masters at the Royal College of Art, London. Corr has gained a wealth of awards and commissions for his beautiful imagination and observation of the world he paints. As well as illustrating books, he has created work for Ikea, Habitat, London Aids Trust, London Transport, Qantas, and Royal Mail amongst others. The Edition is really thrilled to have this wonderful opportunity to represent some of Christopher's inspired works of art. His love of travel and colour is apparent in every conceivable way, taking me, and I hope you also to another land - to a very happy place indeed. Christopher's Website

Cathy Cullis

A wonderful welcome return of the work of Cathy Cullis! Here is a little interview about these beautiful pieces for the Florals & Foliage exhibition

What has been the inspiration for these paintings?

I have always loved gardens - the people that inhabit garden spacesthe patterns inspired by plantsthe texturesshadows and playfulness of plant lifeLooking back over the yearsI remember trips to Kew Gardens especially as an English student at St Margaret's nearbyI would often go to Kew with my camera to attempt to take 'arty' black and white photographsI was never exactly successful in my photography pursuits but I did learn a lot about plantsshadow and lightI am also a fan of Virginia Woolf and her short story of Kew gardensso recently I decided to visit again with my daughterI'm also constantly looking at other artists that I admiremany of whom are also garden-lovers including Duncan GrantBonnardMatisse and Ivon HitchensI am often on the look out for an interesting garden whether on a neighbourhood walk or a day trip.

What is your own relationship with nature?

It's a pleasure to be outdoors on a sunny day but I try to get outside every day if I can because I know it does me good to exercise and observe the changing seasonsI am a very humble gardnerplanting things in pots and hoping for the bestalways with child-like wonder as I watch how things growI am fortunate to live by a large park with woodland and meadow - I like to people watch and observe how others are responding to nature.

What do you like about painting with gouache?

There are so many possibilities with gouacheIt is a paint that can be used in thin washes or layered up using an almost neat consistencyI like to begin with sketching outlaying down an underpainting of sorts to gradually build a rich painted surfaceI have learned a lot over time and now use gouache as my primary paint because I can work quite intuitively with it.

FinallyI would love to know a bit about the characters you use within your work - is there a personal element or purely the imagination coming to life?

My 22 year old daughter is very generous at allowing me to sketch and photograph her and over time she has become something of a museBut her image is a starting point and I then develop what I see/paint into something of a characterI also sketch other family members and friendsAs someone interested in writingI like to create characters in painta sense of narrativeMy favourite authors no doubt influence the kind of people that appear in my paintings - I am particularly fond of twentieth century authors such as Sylvia Townsend WarnerBarbara PymVirginia Woolf and Anita Brookner.

Anne Davies

Born in Lancashire in 1966, Davies spent her childhood growing up in the Derbyshire countryside before studying and eventually pursuing a career as an artist. Her paintings evoke the essence of a scene, working with line and form, subtle layers of colour and markings of a structure, a wall or perhaps a trace on the landscape. In their informality, there is great consideration and it is this tension that Davies skilfully masters. Now living in London, Davies has regular exhibitions in Norfolk and Cornwall. The Edition Interview with Anne. Anne's Website

Bobbye Fermie

Bobbye is a Dutch artistborn and raised in Amsterdam into an artistic household with a father working as a musician and a mother who trained as an art teacher - " They have always encouraged me to follow an artistic career pathI've always been drawing - it was my favourite activity as a childI would make up my own stories and draw them out making maps and plans of imagined places" Having gained a degree in Fine Arts from The Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp, Bobbye moved to London in 2014 to become a student at The Royal Drawing School, Shoreditch where she regularly takes a residency post at Dumfries House, Ayrshirespending time in the beautiful Scottish landscape to develop painting and drawing skillsBobbye's continual inspiration for her wonderful pieces is the natural world - "Walking through woods and parks spark my motivation to draw and paintI take notesmake sketches and take photographs of interesting sights - old trees, hidden houses or beautifully stretched out field and hillssights that are unfamiliar to my Dutch reference point." The Edition is delighted to be representing Bobbye's work. 

Polly Fern

The influence of creative people inspired Polly to pursue an artistic career, studying a BA in Illustration at Norwich School of Art. The history of Norwich and its people, garden stories, canary keepers and childhood memories are all part of the creative forethought of Polly's beautiful decorative work - "I am greatly influenced by craft and the importance techniques and skills passed down through generations. I look up to fellow illustrators such as Saul Steinberg, Maria Sibylla Merian, Martin and Alice Provensen, and the love of works by William Morris, Picasso and Josef Frank - artists that influence what I want to make the most, are the people that don't box themselves into a certain technique or area and who explore their ideas through using new materials and surfaces. In my own work. In my own work, I am most satisfied when I'm immersed in my making, or when I am painting purely for fun or to explore ideas, a colour palette, or to simply get an idea down and documented, quickly onto paper." As well as being a successsful illustrator, Polly is known for her quirky, colourful ceramics - a skill she learned and has honed by herself to create wonderful pieces of illustrative history and story-telling. Her work has an inviting warmth and charm and it's an utter delight for The Edition to be representing some of Polly's stunning paintings. Polly's Website

Laura Gee

"Some of my first memories are about artfrom a very young age it felt very natural to drawit was a private actIn its simplest form it was a way to draw my life and what I feltI always kept diaries and would draw what was happening alongside my large scribbled writingsIn some ways not much has changed - this passion and private practise just stayed with me and grew over time to become something more pronounced as I decided I wanted to become an artist." Laura pursued her innate artistic love by studying Illustration at Manchester School of Art and later a course at The Royal Drawing SchoolLondon which was the catalyst of her passion for her beautiful abstract expression"I became interested in creating marks and colour and shapes that speak to a memory; a happy emotional statea nostalgiaI like to keep a bit of mystery in the works so to not visually explain the pieces too much - fragmented memories of childhood gardensflowers in domestic settings, symbolism and optimistic blue skies all weave into my painting." Laura is inspired by the freedom and naivety of folk and outsider artthe authenticity of a child's impression in the workshops she is involved inas well as the work of Joan MitchellPierre BoncompainSanyuand Vanessa BellHer intention for her own works are through her feeling; to inspire positivity and enhance well being in its observer - "Nature has a sense of ease and positive energy which I try to translate in my workto tap into the flowthe mystery and beauty nature can bring." The Edition is thrilled to be representing some of Laura's exuberant yet gently touching paintings that are brimming with life and tantalise with their kaleidoscope of colour - almost tempting to eat! May you all indulge and love them too! Laura's website

Debbie George

Born in 1970 in Nottinghamshire, George now lives in the countryside of West Yorkshire in Holmfirth where she prolifically paints pictures that incorporate her love of ceramics, pattern, flowers and landscape. They have a pleasing unstructured quality with fine, detailed parts that depict a bygone era on a treasured piece of pottery or spring flowers which are so observantly illustrated. There is a beautiful calm stillness of time within her chosen colour palette and composition. George has had many solo and mixed exhibitions across the country. The Edition Interview with Debbie. Debbie's Website

Imogen Guy

Living and working in Glasgow, the handsome Scottish landscape provides Imogen with a wealth of subject matter for her stunning interpretation of the views before her. In 2006, Imogen gained a First Class degree in Ceramics from Glasgow School of Art but returned to her love of painting, in particular gouache and watercolour on paper. Inspired by painters that were influenced by the Scottish Colourists, such as Joan Eardley and William Gillies, Imogen likes to paint in situ and then return to the studio to finish the works. Her innate artistic talent lead her to qualify as an art teacher where she currently teaches at a hospital school in Glasgow. Imogen has immense talent in her discriminative eye, brushwork and colour palette capturing the essence of place with distinguished flair and brilliance. The Edition is delighted to be representing Imogen's artwork.

Lisa Hardy

Lisa Hardy studied at Winchester School of ArtHaving lived and worked in London for 15 years she now lives in West Wales where she paints beautiful watercolours responding to the beauty to all flora and fauna with her unique emotivenaive style. In its spontaneous expression it captures the very essence of its nature - Lisa's brushwork truly evokes delight and passion for the blossoming flowerThe Edition is thrilled to have the return of Lisa's work for this exhibition and please do follow her wonderful paintings and life here - Instagram @lisapatten

Jessamy Hawke

Jessamy lives and works from both London and Dorset as an illustrator and painter having studied an MA in Illustration at Kingston UniversityLondon where she developed her love for landscapes"I've always been encouraged to draw and paint - my mother is a landscape artist as well as my late grandfather who gave me watercolour lessons in his studio when I was a childThe landscapes of Dorset have been my inspiration for the last two years - it's distinctive coastlineangular rock formations and the bright green-blue of the sea...  I love the colourful landscapes of Peter DoigPierre Bonnard and David Hockney as well as the atmosphere created by Andrew WyethEric Ravilious and Norman Ackroyd."  Jessamy's paintings have a wonderful clarity with strong tones of colour yet encompass the subtle artistic eye of dotsdashes and stripes which take the observer on a meandering journey through woodland and along hilltops"Working in my studio I love that I can be in the same physical space but can be painting a completely different landscape every dayWhen I'm not in the studio I enjoy walking and painting outdoorsdrawing on the colour and mood of that particular day." The Edition is thrilled to be representing Jessamy! Do follow her on Instagram @jessamydrewthat and here Jessamy's Website

India Johnson

India is a recent Fine Art graduate from Newcastle University yet her artistic love began as a young child. "I've always been interested by art ever since I was littleI remember trying to copy Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' in oil pastels at school and since then I have been drawn to what I see everyday - I always have a sketchbook with me, just in case! My parents encouraged me to be an artist and to do something I love and I learnt from my time as an art student to stay true to my own style and to learn from my surroundings. I think it's so important to take note on what's going on around you and for me this was always through drawing! I like to capture that feeling of observation, to draw from life by being in the landscape. I do all my drawings on site and take them back to the studio to add all the colours, conveying a feeling of freshness and playfulness." Since graduating, India now lives and works on the Orkney Isles weaving and painting." I find a lot of inspiration in the rugged, remote and windswept landscape here. The colours are like nothing I have ever seen before; deep rich heathery purples and pinky blues reflected in the water - the colours change so fast." The Edition is delighted to be representing India's beautiful work. Instagram @indiamjohnson and her website is here! India's website

Jacqui Mair

"I have been drawing all my lifeI won first prize in a national gummed squares competition at the age of seven and I knew I loved collage from that day on and the fabulous colours that came with it. I wanted to go to art school from the age of twelve so I sent off for prospectus's only to realise I was too young - I don't think I ever considered any other career." Jacqui Mair is a wealth of creativity who trained at Bristol and The Royal College of ArtLondon - she has a natural ability and flair for colour and observational work inspired by her travels and her love of flea market findschurchespapercolour or perhaps a day drawing alone in a museumMair has lectured in art for over thirty years within the UK as well as the USA and France where she is currently working in Marseille. The Edition is thrilled to have some of Jacqui's work which exudes her imagined and real world.

Emily Maude

Growing up in a creative home, Emily Maude went on to cultivate her artistic ability by studying Illustration at Brighton University where she won the John Vernon Lord Sketchbook Prize in her final year which enabled her to have her first stall at the contemporary craft fair, MADE Brighton. It was a resounding success which gave Emily the impetus to pursue her love of design as a career choice, setting up - developing her wonderful aesthetic eye and undeniable drawing skills on homeware products. The inspiration for her work is born from her passion of history, the English landscape, the works of Edward Bawden and Eric Ravilious, her travels, as well as interesting artefacts found in museums and antique fairs both here and abroad. I asked Emily what wise words had stayed with her from her college days - "my foundation tutor said "Draw sparingly, and make every line matter" - he said it about life drawing but it's relevant to all drawing. The second was at Brighton where a tutor said one day "You'll get bored of drawing pretty pictures. What's it all about?" - I remember feeling quite hurt at the time but it can also be quite good to remember that everything you output needs to have a story. So that's what I focus on, the story and the line." Emily does this perfectly in her exquisite original pen illustrations she has created for The Edition. I am thrilled to be representing some of Emily's beautiful work.

Faye Moorhouse 

Born in Surrey in 1989, Moorhouse now lives and works in St. Leonards-on-sea, East Sussex, as a freelance illustrator where she industriously imagines wonderful illustrations with natural quirk, humour and a strong narrative ability. Her seemingly simple look has the hand of great talent that captures originality and skill as a constant. With over 33K Instagram followers, a broad spectrum of commissions which have included The New York Times, and a girl who has exhibited widely, Moorhouse is one to keep your eye on. The Edition Interview with Faye. Faye's Website

Cornelia O'Donovan

Having studied at the Royal College of ArtLondonCornelia creates beautifully imaginative paintings with a real depth of intuitive knowledge of colour and a true freedom to express herselfsomething which initially drew her to become an artist"I'm trying to think back and it was one of the only times at school where I implicitly understood that it was an expression and not a right or wrongI struggled academically and art seemed to me a way to say something that can't be said any other way - it was a quiet time and we were left alone to get on with itI was very encouraged and nurtured growing upmy mother is a fantastic cook and homemaker who gave us scissors and gluepaintknitting and embroideryall the practical things that she knew were then showed to is very similar creatively to paintingthey compliment each other." Cornelia's work captures an inspiring fluidity with such warmth and charm of simple tone and form yet much of her creativity reflects the workings of a deeply thinking mindboth cognitively and artistically and The Edition is thrilled to be representing her work - to follow Cornelia's work do Instagram here! @corneliaodonovan

Jane Ormes

Jane lives and works in Bristol and is primarily known for her distinct style of printmakingWhen Imyself was surface designing some years ago I saw Jane as the 'pioneer' of a particular look that then became very popularisedHer colour and form take precedence in her work and this continues in her wonderful painting expressions that The Edition is exhibiting"Painting has so much spontaneity and is very immediate - I do love printmaking and committing to that image through every stage but painting is so speedy in comparison! My art is particularly inspired by the work of MatisseDufy and Hockney as well as pattern makers Lucienne Day and Orla Kiely but being an artist wasn't my initial desireI was desperate as a child to be an archeologist having been completely captivated by Tutankhamen and all his treasures but it became clear after a lot of digging in my garden that it's not always so fruitful! Shortly after this endeavour I won a painting prize at school and by secondary school I knew I wanted to do 'art'! The Edition is delighted to involve Jane's beautiful Marrakech inspired paintings - follow more of her work here! Instagram @janeormes

Katy Papineau

A little interview with new artist, Katy Papineau!

What was your initial relationship with art?

I've drawn for as long as I can remember. As a child, when I read books I would get an itch to draw what I imagined the characters to look like.

My parents have always encouraged me to draw and there are artists in both of their families. My grandpa on my mum's side did wonderful watercolour landscapes - he died when I was young but one of my earliest memories is him patiently teaching me how to use a paintbrush with watercolour.

I never considered that I could do art as a career until about three years ago. Even though I had always loved art I found studying it at school made it feel like a chore so after that I decided it would be better to stick to making art as a hobby as I didn't want to ruin something I got pure enjoyment out of.

What did you learn from your time as an art student?

I studied Philosophy for my undergraduate degree but since September 2018 I've been doing The Drawing Year at the Royal Drawing School, London and one of the best things about the course has been the inspiration and support I've got from being part of a group of 29 artists. I've also learned to develop processes that give structure to how I work. For example, one process I might use when doing a painting is to do a colour study of a painting I like, them I make a second painting in a similar palette using my own composition. I've been looking at Milton Avery's paintings a lot recently for colour inspiration.

What do you like to capture within a painting?

I try to capture what I see in my mind's eye. Stories and poems are what stimulates my imagination and I find fairy stories particularly interesting - one the one hand they are fantastical tales for children but on the other they are universal stories that can affect how we interpret the real world.

I have a tiny sketchbook with me all the time. My subject matter varies, my current sketchbook contains drawings of my friends on holiday, a dream about chocolate biscuits, a Duccio painting...but I find the quick, instinctive compositions work well as good starting points for larger paintings.

Finally, who and what inspires you?

I'm inspired by reading. recently I keep going back to The Lifes and Loves of a She-Devil by Fay Weldon and Lorca's Romancero Gitano. I also find source material in a brilliant book called The Great Fairy Tale Tradition by Jack Zipes. At the moment the themes I'm most interested in are those that divide up bad women and good women partly because women's morality in fairy tales is so deeply entwined with their appearance.

The first time I felt really excited about making my own art was reading Marina Warner's writing about how Paula Rego engages with literature in her work. I also look a lot at Piero Della Francesca, Ken Kiff, Andrew Cranston and most recently Natalia Goncharova - I find her use of space really exciting, especially how she paints multiple scenes within one image.

The Edition is delighted to represent some of Katy's beautiful composition and colour to the gallery - do follow Katy here! Instagram @katypaps

Barbara Peirson

A painting-by-numbers set. Winning a Blue Peter badge. The refuge of the art room with a rebel of an art teacher she wanted to be like. A visit to the Louvre at aged 15. These are just some of the initial moments that fuelled the creative verve of Barbara Peirson who now lives on the estuary at Wivenhoe, Essex, where she has a strong community of fellow artists who are all encouraging and inspiring of each other's work. The estuary itself is a source of great inspiration for her paintings."Every moment of every day is different as the tide comes in and out, reflecting the sky. It's mysterious and vast, teeming with life - it always takes my breath away. My paintings are about the feeling of a moment, ordinary very day moments, silent exchanges between people, a sense of solitude in a landscape. Mostly, I don't know what a painting will be until I begin - the painting emerges from itself, the characters arrive and I don't know who they are, they have a body language that shows their state of mind. I like it when they sometimes turn out humorous." Barbara's work is wonderfully endearing and creates a sense of story that perhaps we all have played a part in - in wandering down that winding path, sitting on that uncomfortable pebbled beach or hearing the crashing of that incoming wave! Instagram @barbara.peirson

Emily Pettigrew

Emily is an artist living in New York who originates from Maine, a place of great influence in her distinct style. "The aesthetic traditions, history and landscape of Maine were all I knew until I moved to New York when I was 17. It's puritanical starkness has left an enduring visual mark on my psyche. I have an almost spooky connection with other painters who have had the dichotomy of a Maine/New York experience, people like Will Barnet, Alex Katz and Lois Dodd. My mother was also an artistic influence, a landscape painter, she was always the most important person in my life. As a child I used to sit next to her while she worked and do my own paintings - it was never a question to me about what I was going to do when I grew up." Emily's painting process is a meticulous one, of "obsessively planning", sketching, scanning, printing and drawing, and finally the painting commences. "I am happiest when I can immerse myself in an environment that is in harmony with my own somewhat stringent interior perspective of the world. I cannot always find sets of conditions in the real world that satisfy my need for meaning, beauty and clarity, and so I create them in my work." Emily captures a deeper silence in her creative expression allowing the observer to feel into their own stillness - the constant within. Instagram @_emilypettigrew_

Sarah Raphael Balme

Sarah grew up in North London in a house of artistic influence, with visiting writers and artists as well as a mother who painted. She went on to study Illustration at Chelsea College of Art and initially became a cartoonist before returning to her innate skill and love of painting. "I look at a lot of art, from 20th century greats like Bonnard, Matisse etc, to Christopher Wood, Julian Trevelyan, David Jones; I love formal portraits; renaissance icons; primitives like Alfred Wallis and Bill Traylor obviously...I also like to draw from folk art and fabrics too; I can't resist fabrics..." The Edition is really thrilled that Sarah is contributing some of her charming work - so rich in movement, tone and narrative.

Arabella Shand

"I remember as a child receiving an oil painting by numbers kit every year from my Grandparents. The colour and smell of the linseed oil in little pots fascinated me." Arabella studied art in Colchester and also at Kingston Polytechnic and since working as an artist her beautiful paintings have been exhibited nationally. Today, Shand lives and works in the welsh countryside, her inspiration comes from her surroundings; the landscape, family, garden and the dog. Other artists are of great influence too - "So many artists inspire me for different reasons. Ben Nicholson, Picasso and John Piper for composition, Indian miniatures and The Charleston group for colour, Russian and Italian paintings for figures, Vuillard, Piper and Klimt for pattern and so many more...I love colour, texture, pattern and the abstractness of composition." The Edition is thrilled to be representing some of Arabella's stunning work - full of verve, interest and wonderful expression. Arabella's Website

Sanae Sugimoto

Growing up surrounded by sea and mountains, Sanae Sugimoto was born in Tottori, Japan in 1975. Having attended art college in Kyoto, she now lives and works there as an illustrator working commercially for packaging, logos and magazines. More recently, her interest has turned to using Japanese traditional black and orange inks - delicate, fine detailed pen work create beautiful pieces that tell a story. Sanae gains her inspiration from literature and music - "I have been really into Western literature since I was a teenager. I was a daydreamer. I love to draw a combination of girls, plants and animals." Sanae's exquisite illustrations are simply adorable, full of thought and wonder. The Edition is delighted to be representing these original drawings by Sanae Sugimoto, the first exhibition on British soil and I'm sure one of many! Sanae's Website

Ellie Wintour

It was a serendipitous moment in coming across the work of EllieFor some months I had had a knowing of an artistic style I wanted to find for The Edition and finally I had found it in the beautiful art of EllieEllie lives and works in London having enjoyed painting since she was a child"Growing up in London you're surrounded by so many art galleries it's hard not to be inspiredBoth my grandparents were artists and an inspiration - my grandmother an illustratorand my grandfather a sculptorI've always been drawn back to makingI think there is something unbelievably rewarding in making something with your own two handsAs a child I'd make gifts at ChristmasI've always found pleasure in creating things with people in mind because you end up crafting things with a lot of loveWhilst the Christmas presents were always inventivesome were received with more excitement than others (low points included blu tac sculptures)." Ellie is about to commence at the Royal Drawing School to develop her already competent signature of work"My work is influenced by the art of Raoul DufyJohn Piper and Duncan Grant as well as the landscape I'm inI have a total obsession with trees - I find it almost impossible not to include trees in my paintingthey just appear! The more knotted and wizened the better." The Edition is delighted to be representing Ellie's stunning paintings - a dash and a daub with inviting tones of her wonderful imagination and beyond! Ellie's website