The Edition was created to bring exclusive original works and selected prints from established artists for £300 (or less) per piece. I am passionate about original art - how a work captures the creativity of the human mind and ability in that moment of time, in an authentic, tangible form - something which ultimately cannot be replicated.

The initial seed for this endeavour was sown some years ago when I read an article about a modest man who saved a small amount from his monthly salary to purchase little pieces of art from artists of the time. He couldn't afford much but his genuine love for original work enthused him to approach an artist for a sketch and a signature.

This true account sparked something within me, reinforcing my own interest in owning original work, and it was only when I began a blog on promoting creative people last year that I realised I could perhaps execute a space where one could purchase original pieces at a price that hopefully more could support.

My sincere thanks to the first set of artists who have put their faith and trust in me with this venture, as well as their time, work and encouragement, and for the subsequent creatives that will become part of The Edition.


May. 2016.

Representing: Jonathan Ashworth, Unity Coombes, Christopher Corr, Cathy Cullis, Bobbye Fermie, Polly Fern, Laura GeeDebbie George, Lisa HardyJessamy HawkeImogen Guy, India JohnsonJacqui MairEmily Maude, Cornelia O'DonovanJane Ormes, Barbara PeirsonEmily PettigrewSarah Raphael Balme, Arabella Shand, Sanae Sugimoto, Ellie Wintour.

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